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Happy code, happy coder

Giopler is a service for easy profiling, debugging, and tracing of your C++ programs under Linux.

Easily annotate your code

Our API uses the powerful features of C++20 so annotating your code is a breeze. The impact when not needed is zero to minimal.

API designed by experts

The API is easy to learn and hard to misuse. Our contracts library helps you write self-documenting code.

Full lifecycle build modes

Develop, profile, or run in production as needed. We tailor the active API automatically to your immediate needs.

Our servers do the heavy lifting

We number crunch each event we receive and store it into 10+ tables using 50+ indexes. All of this happens in real-time as your program runs.

Powerful reporting

Like our API, our reports are designed to quickly guide you towards the results you need.

Powerful insights

Visualize hardware performance counters (PMCs) such as CPU instructions and cycles. Learn how memory page faults and CPU context switches might be hurting your performance.

Your data

Our icicle chart, histogram, table, and line chart reports give you multiple views into your data. For even more flexibility, export your data from our table reports in CSV, Xlsx, and PDF formats.

Built for scalability

Designed for real applications handling real-world workloads.
Sample Icicle report


Happy code, happy coder

All of our monthly plans include profiling, debugging, and tracing.


  • For students and educators

  • Register using school email

  • Data saved for one month

  • Email support

Most popular


  • Discounted—regular price $49/month

  • For industry users

  • Data saved for one year

  • Phone support

  • Best value


  • For casual users

  • Data saved for three month

  • Email support

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our team by sending us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Is Giopler easy to use?
Yes! Giopler is a header-only library with minimal dependencies. Just include our header and recompile your code. We never require administrative access. Our API is super easy to learn and use. Our interactive reports encourage what-if analyses.
What is your data retention policy?
We will retain your data for the period included in your plan as long as your account is in good standing.
I run a large enterprise and have special needs. Could we talk?
Absolutely! Do not hesitate to reach out. We can create a custom plan just for you.
Can I share my account?
Each account is for one user. Help us keep our prices low by encouraging your friends to get their own accounts. We have a generous affiliate program!
How do I qualify for an academic license?
We are proud to support students and educators through our academic licensing program. Please register using your school email address to qualify.