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Giopler is a profiling, debugging, and tracing SaaS for computer programmers. We currently have a C++ header-only library for use in Linux software development. We will support other languages and operating systems in the future. Online reports give detailed insights into your programs, including detailed performance monitoring counters (PMCs).

This is a new product. Our website, https://www.giopler.com, contains much more information. Links to social media accounts are also on our website.

Giopler is a small company and we want to encourage affiliates to help spread the word about us. The commission is a generous 10% of the customer subscription lifetime value. Referrals are valid for 30 days and we credit the last referrer. This is all handled automatically by our payments processor, Lemon Squeezy. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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+1 (415) 226-9313