Leaving beta, entering General Availability

Carlos Reyes


We set out 17 months ago to create Giopler. It has been quite a journey. We are done polishing this apple. Time to release Giopler!

The vision never wavered, but our journey was full of twists and turns. What fun!

The best way you can help us is to try out the system and let us know what you think. There is a roadmap in the documentation, but all the core features are already implemented.


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About Giopler

Giopler is a fresh approach for writing great computer programs. Use our header-only C++20 library to easily add annotations to your code. Then run our beautiful reports against your fully-indexed data. The API supports profiling, debugging, and tracing. We even support performance monitoring counters (PMCs) without ever requiring administrative access to your computer.

Compile your program, switching build modes depending on your current goal. The annotations go away with zero or near zero runtime overhead when not needed. Our website has charts, tables, histograms, and flame/icicle performance graphs. We support C++ and Linux today, others in the future.

Icicle Lemonade Recipe

Giopler System Beta